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A Call For KDE To Fully Embrace Simplicity By Default, Appeal To More Novice Users

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  • A Call For KDE To Fully Embrace Simplicity By Default, Appeal To More Novice Users

    Phoronix: A Call For KDE To Fully Embrace Simplicity By Default, Appeal To More Novice Users

    KDE developer Nate Graham is known for his weekly (excellent) development summaries and driving many usability improvements and other refinements to the KDE desktop in recent years. Nate has written a new opinion piece arguing for more simplicity by default to broaden the desktop's appeal to more novice computer users with limited skills...

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    It is for future Steam Deck users, right?
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      Makes sense to me.

      How about this, just make the "App Store" actually BETTER than Windows or Mac. Everything else is already pretty easy.


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        KDE has always been about configurability and a myriad of tweaks, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater and make this some sort of desktop environment for the technically clueless. Bug squashing and stability should be the primary focus, you can have the easiest to use desktop in the world but if it dumps you to command line you'll need skills how to fix it or run an alternative until what ever caused it is fixed upstream.

        Yours sincerely,

        An OpenSUSE and KDE veteran.
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          They need contract equips of designers to make a goddamn good and polished default UI.


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            As long as it doesn't take us from something like Gnome 2 to Gnome 3 . . .


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              Well kde is for power users, they need to make some radical changes for it to be beginner friendly, for ex making windows key actually open the menu like most people expect to begin with.


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                Yup, this is the begining of the end. Someone should start making new desktop to replace Plasma.


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                  They would start with the menus. This is some hellish UX.


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                    Huh? I just see it as:
                    "Lets tune the out of the box experience to be basically good, so we can be used as a recommendation for less-than-power users too."

                    Which translates to:
                    * Good defaults
                    * Protect against contradicting (or obviously wrong) settings/actions
                    * Keep on tuning for consistent look & feel

                    Which sounds good.
                    The risk is to give the designer an echo chamber where they become disconnected from their user base, like what is happening with Gnome3.