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Ubuntu SDK To Look At Ports To Windows, OS X

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    Originally posted by dee. View Post
    Excuse me? I "defend" who the fuck I please, what business is it of yours? I don't subscribe to mob rule, and I never will. If I think someone is right about something, I'll be there to agree with that someone, no matter how unpopular they are, or how wrong their other opinions are.

    However, you might want to take note of the fact that I haven't been defending anyone here. I'm just pointing out the fact that the Ubuntu fanboys on this forum (suit yourself if you want to be counted among them, or not) will never accept anyone who criticizes Ubuntu as a Ubuntu user. To the worldview of the simplistic, anyone who criticizes Ubuntu has to be doing it because they're jealous and/or hateful, not because they might themselves be a Ubuntu user concerned about the direction of Ubuntu.

    It's all because of cognitive dissonance. They've based so much of their identity on the Ubuntu brand, they have become so emotionally invested with it, that they can't admit even to themselves if there's something wrong. Thus, when they see criticism on Ubuntu, it's easier to just dismiss it with "oh, those people just say that because they hate Ubuntu", than actually consider the alternative - that the people criticizing it might have valid points.
    Damn it dee dont you know when talking about Ubuntu and Qt at the same time you have to say "Qt with Shit?, only on Ubuntu."