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  • A weekly Indie game feature

    Hi Michael, the post about Koonsolo and their game got me thinking about what I think would be an excellent feature: Run a piece on a new indie game each week.
    What I envision would be mentioning the name of the new game in the "what's coming soon story", having an article about the game with screenshots and a mini-interview with the creators on the same day each week (maybe monday?), a link on the main page for current Indie game, and previous Indie games, and finally another mention in the wrap-up piece you do.

    Well, thanks for reading!

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    thats a good idea. It would definitely help our game scene.


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      Great idea!


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        That'd be pretty cool. But don't you think Michael would soon run out of indie-games?


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          Possibly, but hopefully, he wouldn't have to track them down after the first few- I would hope there's plenty of Linux game makers who would like a chance to get some recognition in front of a large audience.


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            There's also the option of doing interviews with developers of already released games (World of Goo, Caster etc.) speak to them about why they made a port in the first place, reception, pro/cons for developers, what they are working on next...