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Facebook API in the Phoronix website!

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  • Facebook API in the Phoronix website!

    I have the habit to read the latest articles every morning when I start working. It's a nice way to start the day and to stay on top of the latest IT developments - but I think you all know that.

    Yesterday, our IT department called me asking about hundreds of connections made to facebook in irregular intervals in short bursts only lasting a couple of milliseconds. With the help of wireshark the culprit was easy to spot: The weird part was that the connection to facebook was made despite the NoScript extension's setting to block it. I was able to block the facebook connection only with the privacy badger plugin.

    Michael, I understand that you try to "connect" phoronix to social media. I understand the temptation to use these big-tech companies' API's to reduce your development time. But - didn't you test it? Test how many connections a single article page would create? I am sure that there are hundreds of different ways to get that facebook link up and running without these hundreds of connections. On the other hand, it is by now a well known thing that facebook is not to be trusted. You cannot have facebook software in any of your products and expect the people to still trust you.

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    Try facebook container maybe:

    I'm sure Michael has some stats on whether it's a useful feature or not, so if he's keeping it around, it's up to him.


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      Michael Maybe you could add an option for Premium subscribers to disable the social media integration? Subscribers don't see ads anyway, and Facebook is basically a tracker.