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FYI, new version of p7zip 4.58

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  • deanjo
    started a topic FYI, new version of p7zip 4.58

    FYI, new version of p7zip 4.58

    Just a FYI that there is a more recent release of p7zip then what is used in PTS. There were some speed optimizations in the latest package (and they are actually noticable).

    Version 4.58

    - Some speed optimizations.
    - 7-Zip now can unpack .lzma archives.
    - Unicode (UTF-8) support for filenames in .ZIP archives. Now there are 3 modes:
    1) Default mode: 7-Zip uses UTF-8, if the local code page doesn't contain required symbols.
    2) -mcu switch: 7-Zip uses UTF-8, if there are non-ASCII symbols.
    3) -mcl switch: 7-Zip uses local code page.
    - Now it's possible to store file creation time in 7z and ZIP archives (-mtc switch).
    - 7-Zip now can unpack multivolume RAR archives created with
    "old style volume names" scheme and names *.001, *.002, ...
    - Now it's possible to use -mSW- and -mSW+ switches instead of -mSW=off and -mSW=on
    - Some bugs were fixed.

    - Bug #1898410 : Timestamp error in archive listing
    now "7za l .." and "ls -l just_extracted_file" give the same date and time.

    - Bug #1860938 : unix file rights only 600 instead of 644

    - Bug #1941574 : gzip files always marked as OS FAT, Now p7zip uses "Unix".

    - Bug #1947700 : file containing excluded files not read
    When using the -xr <filename> flag to list files not to be included in the
    archive the file <filename> is not read if it is a symbolic link.

    - Feature Requests #1868080 : add support to compile for NetWare (makefile.netware_asm_gcc_3.X)

    - Patch #1883893 : Incorrect path ref to docs in man pages (When using the last ($DEST_DIR) argument with

    - now "" supports filenames with spaces.

    - some code cleanup (Synchronization)

    - some minor fix in the BZip2 codec.

    - fix with the define "__TEXT" for s390

  • Michael
    Thanks, the update is used in master for PTS Orkdal.

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