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  • Newbie wants to learn?

    Hi there,

    I am a new to the forums & is my first post.

    And very new, rather in my neonatal period, in the world of Linux/ Unix.

    Just learned to Dual boot Vista & Ubuntu using GParted to create partitions.

    Can you smart guys teach me how to create & restore an Image of my drive, like I used Symantec Norton Ghost/ Acronis True Image 11?

    Where & how to start?

    How to take an exact( Cold or Hot Imaging) preferably cold......image?

    How to place it on a partition or an optical media?

    How to restore?

    Can I create image of both Vista & Ubuntu in 1 or do I need to create 2 separate one?

    Can I create an image remaining in any environment or I have to be in Ubuntu etc.

    Sorry don't mind my silly queries coz as i said am new to Linux..........been tired of using windows since 486-DX2.

    Hoping to hear from you smart people,

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi there,

    I did it myself..........created an image of a dual boot Vista & Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.0.4........stored it in the Logical D NTFS of Vista partition & than restored it overwriting both over Vista & Ubuntu.........results PERFECT including boot loader etc!!

    Dual Boot:

    1. C: NTFS Primary 40 GB Vista
    2. D: NTFS Logical 20 GB
    3. /root: ext3 20 GB
    4. /swap: 512 MB
    5. /home: ext3 15 GB

    Took 29 mins to create & the same to restore approximate.......image was split into 4 GB size to burn on optical media.....image size 12 GB.

    Thanks alot.

    Any one interested to learn PM.

    Now I have perfected & now make a dual boot again with a peace of mind.........this was just a tester, experiment.

    Now with those 3 DVDs I can install a dual boot with all progies, special settings etc in 29 mins lol