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  • HardInfo Benchmark and System Profiler

    I just found this application and from what I can tell it seems like the coolest hardware/benchmark tool for Linux that I've seen. The main thing I like about this application is that it allows integration with other apps, so if there is already some benchmark took out there hardinfo can be used as a single GUI for that and the other tools it already has included. Has anyone else used this tool yet, and if so then do you know of any other similar tools? Here is a link:

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    Yea its a great program


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      Good find, Joshua. Surprisingly I haven't run into Hardinfo but I'll definitely investigate it.
      Michael Larabel


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        I forgot to mention that I'm having one minor issue with this application on Gutsy 64 bit. I open the program and select any available option and it goes through the calculations and then draws the result on the page to the right. That all works great, but selecting anything else after that initial selection causes a core dump. I have to re-open the application and then select whatever it was I wanted to run. Looks like there is a open bug for this issue here:

        EDIT: I was using the version of hardinfo available in the repositories, but downloading the newest source ( and compiling solved the issue (and noticeably improved performance).
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          One really nice thing I've found is the programs can connect to a central benchmark database to upload your results as well as download other results for you to use as comparison. I was going to post my results here, but you can get them just through using the tool.

          EDIT: Sorry for the multiple posts. I found another tool earlier today called SysInfo (, but after I found HardInfo I lost interest in the first due to the benchmarking capability in the latter. The thing is that SysInfo has a little better GUI as well as different system information output, which sometimes is in addition to what HardInfo has to offer. I think that from the looks of it HardInfo provides much more data and funcationality, but there are still some things that SysInfo provides that you can't find in such a nice graphical environment anywhere else.

          I don't know about how the developers of each application feel on this issue, but I think all the information in both tools is a complete overlap, and that merging both tools into one would be very beneficial. I've made a couple of feature requests relating to this issue in the hardinfo bug tracker, but I haven't done the same for sysinfo yet (I probably will though).

          What I would like to see is a tool that has a polished GUI (SysInfo), integration with other configuration apps like nvidia-settings (Sysinfo), benchmarking (HardInfo), and all the combined functionality of both tools (HardInfo and SysInfo). Has anyone else used both tools?
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            I've found hardinfo to be really good. Best benchmarking program out there for linux atm. Hopefully the phoronix test suite will be good tho. I'm having that intermittent crashing problem as well on the autopackage version.


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              Just avoid the zlib benchmark, it's very inaccurate and hardinfo's author said he'll be removing it soon.