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Phoromatic Tracker Launches To Monitor Linux Performance

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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    I have plenty of hardware that I have access to and want to throw into the test farm, but so far i haven't done that yet as I am just trying to conserve electricity and keep the recurring operating costs of it low until Phoromatic / Phoromatic Tracker is being sponsored by any company/organization(s) or is otherwise self-sustainable.

    Sure, if you want. Setup process is easy. If you're running Ubuntu I can send you some scripts to use a PPA otherwise if you are another distribution and have an auto-build procedure for it daily then I can tell you just how to easily set the Phoronix Test Suite to connect into this Phoromatic test farm and to begin the testing.
    It's currently running Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix, but that can be changed to a default 9.10 install if needed. I'd love your scripts, as I don't currently have anything capable of daily auto-building.