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An idea for a new benchmark

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  • An idea for a new benchmark

    Hi all,

    I have a suggestion for a benchmark, one that I personally would like to see in the Phoronix TS. With the introduction of windows support, we could actually bench the performance of a VM (Virtual Box && || VMW) for Windows and Linux VMs running on Linux. This is particularly interesting under the load of multiple VMs that cross communicate through the same bus.

    This would be really helpful to anyone looking to buy server hardware for (dun DUN dun.. the clooouuuuud)


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    I actually had another idea for a new benchmark. After I read this post...
    I started thinking that it would be a nice benchmark option to test the various demos running natively and then through layered applications like WINE.

    I know that for some people, running certain games through WINE produced better frame rates than running natively in Windows, but I also find a lot of WINE users sticking with the Windows versions of various games and applications instead of using the native Linux builds.

    The only thing I can see as a problem would be having to test the demos in both D3D and OpenGL against the native OpenGL versions, to get a full benchmark comparison.