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  • Internet browsers benchmarks

    The browwsers war is open, I bet for Chromium, but I still use Firefox becouse of its extensions.

    There are pages, as, and other with special tasks for being used as test, phoronix would have the tests under

    these browser tests, not only must be X Windows based, MS WOS browsers can be tested too, as well as phones and other devices browsers, even WINE browsers can be tested.

    As well as acid test, that is a classic, start time, start time from opening - putting as last start program the browser to test.

    Loading pages with javascripts, Flash, video flash. video ogg html video tag, etc.

    All in the sames machine.

    And having 6 configurations Intel + Nvidia // Intel +ATI // Intel + Intel /// AMD + NVIDIA // AMD + ATI // AMD +intel for PCs

    Plus ATOM current 2 configs (Intel and Nvidia)

    And a Macbook for a OSX /Linux32/Lnux64/MS WOS32/MS WOS64

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    There are a number of browser benchmarks with established track records... what does this test suite do new to add to the party?

    I agree that Javascript, Flash, and other plug-ins should be part of the test, but because the level of support is not the same for all platforms, how should we differentiate between no functionality and low performance?

    As much as I enjoy using Chrome for Linux, it still crashes from time to time... would stability be also part of your proposed test suite?