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Can't confirm account/register on no emails

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  • Can't confirm account/register on no emails

    Hello, I really want to use the website but I just can't register; and this has happened before, trying for so much time now - I can't create an account on, from both Firefox and Chromium, disabled ad blockers and stuff like Privacy Badger and so on. Tried form another IP via VPN. Tried (again, today) with 2 email addresses, a gmail one and a personal domain one. No emails are being received, and I can confirm on my own domain that no email is being received, or at least none that I can identify in the logs.

    So is there something that you/I can do? This problem seems older and keeps appearing from time to time, what is wrong, is the website truly available for everyone or?

    Thank you, and sorry to ask trivial stuff like that, but it just doesn't work...

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    Any idea what can be done? Thanks


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      Anyone? To this day I still can't register. Thank you.