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  • Results do not render

    Good day all

    I am a pretty new user to PTS and have come across an issue which I cannot seem to find any answers for.

    All results are available when selecting them in the Result Viewer, however when viewing them the results neither the raw numbers or the graphs for that set of results render (see the
    image below).


    What I believe happened here is that the results directory was captured from the system being tested before the test had fully completed (it was at the stage of asking if you wanted to view the results in the browser) and this meant that the results were not finished/closed properly - does this seem a likely scenario?

    When I compare the directories of a working result against the not working result, they look more or less identical. I've done some searching on the Github issues pages, the forum pages and the wider internet and I cannot see anything like this.

    Has anyone had any experience of this?
    Is there any way to come back from this do you think?

    (Note: rerunning the bench is what I would normally do, however this was carried out on a production machine that we cannot easily take offline to do so)

    Thank you for your help in advance!

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    Strangely I found today that the result that does not render above, renders by itself and with one other result but not more than three total results.