Not my area of knowledge so hoping someone can share some thoughts/insights on the following...
I am interested in how the linux kernel is improving performance wise. I see articles on here about threading improvements, better cache evictions etc. I am also interested in the CPU enhancements around huge L3 caches in AMD and Intel servers .
Wondering out loud why (I could be wrong) there isn't any 'chat' type phoronix benchmarks with say e.g. Erlang (Erlang on its own is making performance improvements I see). I recall a old but popular Phoenix chat benchmark published quite a few years ago. Pity they never went back and did a follow-up to see if they could scale even higher / what is the new bottleneck now that we have so many cores available nowadays.
Would any of the linux kernel or CPU improvements above (or others) improve say the Phoenix chat benchmark? as example. Would be nice (cool) to see it in the benchmarks that get published here when testing kernels or cpus etc.