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Does the vpxenc test use --row-mt=1?

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  • Does the vpxenc test use --row-mt=1?

    Based on what I can see right now on (pts/vpxenc-3.0.x ... etc.), libvpx performance does not seem to scale with core count. With --row-mt=1 enabled, performance is supposed to increase with thread count (at least on a Xeon E5-2690):
    In tests[1] of encoding HD videos with 4 column tiles, the improved VP9 MT encoder achieved speedups over the original of 11% with 2 threads, 27% with 4 threads, 101% with 8 threads, and 135% with 16 threads.
    Please note that the block row based MT encoder is off by default. You can use the encoding option "--row-mt=<arg>" to turn it on. For example, if you prefer the original deterministic MT encoder, use the default "--row-mt=0". On the other hand, use "row-mt=1" to enable it to get the improved performance from block row based multi-threading.

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    Thanks, adding --row-mt=1 to the next vpxenc test profile update about to be updated right now with libvpx 1.10. Must have missed knowing about the row-mt option before.
    Michael Larabel