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How to time limit / strict loop limit runs?

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  • Michael
    FORCE_TIMES_TO_RUN should run all that X amount of times with no less, no more. Are you saying you are seeing different behavior? If so, what PTS version are you on?

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  • Yves
    started a topic How to time limit / strict loop limit runs?

    How to time limit / strict loop limit runs?

    Hi there,

    I am trying to benchmark a new software definied storage solution. So I have setup multiple vms on the compute cluster and I am able to run the same benchmark command to all the systems at the same time. I also set the environment variables for the TEST_RESULTS_IDENTIFIER, FORCE_TIMES_TO_RUN=12 but if I run for example phoronix-test-suite benchmark pts/aio-stress on all the vms simultaniously some still to 15 loops some even 40. which of course shifts the results since the load is less if one vm is already finished. Is there a workaround? For fio its even more important that all run for example 5mins rand read 4k then 5min rand write 4k etc. etc.

    Thanks for your AMAZING benchmarking tool!