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Microsoft Announces An LLVM-Based Compiler For .NET

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    Originally posted by cyrix View Post
    OK... you win! C# and .NET are fully open source and portable.

    ...however, only 1% of the client-side applications made with those technologies will work on non-windows OSes, despite all this open sourcing "effort"
    If you remove the will so that it's not future tense then yes. But primarily because .NET "client" applications are mostly either games for Non-PC Platforms (Such as the XBox, PS, or PS Vita), enterprise applications, or proprietary desktop applications, and there aren't particularly many OSS .NET client applications due to the oil tankers full of FUD that Sun and friends dumped on it for being a microsoft technology.

    In the future? Well it's difficult to say. Qt# is part of the future, and it's entirely possible that WPF will be open sourced, according to an interview of the WPF team their main concerns are code quality and how they handle release engineering, and it's rather likely they'll end up becoming convinced given how the other efforts are going.