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New Benchmark: HWBot Prime

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  • New Benchmark: HWBot Prime

    Theres a new cross platform java benchmark available from HWbot. It runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (in some future). is similar to but with more focus on hardware overclocking. With Prime, now even users from different platforms other than Windows can compete for points. Just visit and download HWBot Prime.

    You may ask now what a oc dude wants in an *nix forum like Phoronix. Well its about 7 years ago when I was a Gentoo user and had quite some fun building my system from scratch and compile my own lightweight kernel. I was also a frequent wine bug reporter, creating over 100 bugs, doing git bisects and writing some small translating patches. Im actually a little bit sad seeing time flown so fast. However, I quit Linux 5 years ago as I got infected with a new virus: Overclocking. From this point Linux became more or less useless as I was unable to run any bench. Running them with wine isnt allowed btw.
    Lately I got interested because of HWBot Prime to set up a Linux installation again. And I was very confident that Linux would kill Windows 7 performance wise for sure in such 2D benchmark. So I made a simple comparison. Running on an Sempron 145 for single thread performance @stock clock:

    Win7 64bit Java 7 64bit: 1133pps
    Win7 64bit Java 8 64bit: 1135pps
    Sabayon Linux Icedtea7:1127pps
    (Xfce + nice -19)

    So things are close, but still Windows takes the lead. If you have ideas for improving performance please tell me.