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Latest Trolling? The Linux Kernel In Perl

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  • Latest Trolling? The Linux Kernel In Perl

    Phoronix: Latest Trolling? The Linux Kernel In Perl

    For those in need of some light reading this weekend, the latest comical proposal hitting the Linux kernel mailing list is to have a new project writing portions of the kernel in the Perl programming language...

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    An obvious troll, a Finnish person can't write English that bad.


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      Just what I was gonna say too. No Finnish uni student has that bad English, that's Google Translated.


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        yet another great one to follow I anticipate rise in popcorn prices around the world


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          Wants to rewrite kernel in Perl, yet never used Gentoo

          Kernel A can't be upgraded to A+1, because kernel A+1 depends on Perl version B+1.
          Perl version B can't be upgraded to version B+1, because currently used Kernel A does not support Perl version B+1.

          Do you want to destroy the system via force install Kernel A+1 and Perl version B+1? (Y/n)

          Welcome to circular dependency hell.


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            What makes it far more obvious he's trolling is that he tries to rewrite fractions of a kernel he acknowledges is big (and big ALWAYS means harder to understand), instead of trying the concept with something simpler, like a microkernel. Minix up to version 2, for example, was designed for teaching kernels, that's a good one to try new concepts.


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              "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." ;DD I guess this guy feels like that^^


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                Yeah right, a student taking a beginner course in Perl is capable or rewriting parts of the Linux kernel in it. Because a OS kernel is so easy to make, you know...

                If anything the Linux kernel needs more code optimizing, reducing the overhead of task switching and scheduling.


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                  All that trolling aside, may be it is not so bad to have a interpreted language support in kernel level. Not a fully featured language but a subset of python or other language may be? or may be a C scripting? It would be good for debug and quick testing? Or writing kernel modules without recompiling it fully(driver or subsystem is not performance oriented). I am not sure about even if it is possible or feasible but was just thinking.


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                    Originally posted by Nuc!eoN View Post
                    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." ;DD I guess this guy feels like that^^
                    They didn't ignore him, I've seen two serious answers. None of them laughing at the guy, none of them fighting him.
                    Still, I'm sure the guy is a troll, not a serious person trying to start a hobby/experimental project. If that was the case, he would probably not be trying to make it upstream until the concept is proven.