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The Best Sub-$100 Computer Glass Desk?

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  • The Best Sub-$100 Computer Glass Desk?

    Phoronix: The Best Sub-$100 Computer Glass Desk?

    Every once in a while Phoronix readers that see photos of my office setup inquire about the glass computer desks I use. These particular desks are very functional, built well out of glass and metal, and are surprisingly affordable...

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    idk, glass desks look cool and everything, but they are soooo cold (my poor forearm and wrists) :/


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      Originally posted by YoungManKlaus View Post
      idk, glass desks look cool and everything, but they are soooo cold (my poor forearm and wrists) :/
      Ive never run into this problem at all. (I have my own typing style and never rest my arms/wrists on desk.)
      Michael Larabel


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        Don't the metal reinforcements below the desk get in the way of your legs?
        I like stretching my legs, sometimes I rest then on top of the subwoofer under my desk. Which makes me glad that my desk has nothing but 4 legs at the corners.


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          thanks for sharing! Funny, that I have had exactly this desk, but without keyboard module below, for like 10 years

          YoungManKlaus is right, its cold to arms, but only for first 5 seconds. So its not an issue.

          The issues I had was - the glass was simply too hard to arms, was scratchable and required constant cleaning.

          I now use wooden self made furniture. Advantage is that I can cut it to my dimensions and make it just as I like, then a bit of polishing and oiling. I use Multitool for the job (lookup Fein Multimaster).
          Wood is soft and has a habit of absorbing any fat by itself, less cleaning and easier on arms.

          But its personal, its a good table. The only bad side are the screws, which use Great Britain, non-ISO/non-American fittings. It will be hard time to find the spare part, should one get lost.


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            Problem with glass tables is that the glass sticks into your stomach, so unless it has a border frame then you may find glass computer tables not so pleasing to sit at.


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              I suppose glass tables are more computer hardware related than beer is


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                Its funny, I've been needing a new desk lately, I've liked the idea of getting a glass+metal desk, and Michael happens to post an article of a desk I was thinking of. I'm sort of leaning toward not getting it, because if I'm going to get an L-shaped desk, I prefer both sides to have a keyboard tray.

                But Michael, seriously, why do you not use a KVM switch? I understand the desire of wanting multiple monitors, because you can preview all benchmarks at the same time. But considering how much you do every day with these computers, you might even save HOURS of time by using one of these switches rather than have a dozen keyboards and mice laying around. To help organize the switch, put a sticker with a number on each of your monitors.

                I'd also say you might be better off getting a tall steel rack with a lot of shelves. Put all your screen-less computers there (in other words, anything that isn't a Mac or a laptop) and you'll save yourself a lot of horizontal space.


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                  Difficulty together with glass platforms is that the glass sticks into your current abdomen, thus except if it offers a national boundaries framework then you may locate glass pc platforms not attractive in order to remain with.