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  • Flash Usage Decaying

    According to this webpage: adobe's flash abomination's usage in our planet is plummeting. Adobe must surely find a new market in mars or titan for their proprietary shitnology or a dolorous decay await one of their flagshit binary blob creating whorehouse software.

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    I think they are working on HTML5 output backend for their Flash IDEs.
    So that Flash games etc can be output as HTML5 code.
    So, its profit for them and profit for everyone.


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      All that bashing. It makes me sad. Flash was responsible for quite some fun on the internet way before HTML5 was even thought of (and I'm not talking about the masturbation session before going to sleep.) I'd say thank you Adobe, for even bothering with Linux. But it's time to say goodbye.


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        Originally posted by RealNC View Post
        Flash was responsible for quite some fun on the internet
        The kitchen that this fun comes from is not as funny as the end result. Flash is a cumbersome development environment for web developers. With every version of flash comes an actionscript or swf compatibility problem and every bit of know-how in flash is like a fucking secret code. It makes working with old content and reuse it very hard. Flash is a needless weight on the developer's shoulders. And I agree that it is time to say goodbye.


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          I uninstalled flash from my PC recently as I was so sick of it crashing on my system. I don't use Chrome so I'm happy using HTML5. If I need to desperately view a video in Youtube that isn't HTML5 I load it up in mplayer. Flash definitely had its place but I'm glad to see it go.