So Jarrod Wyatt pleaded guilty a couple of days ago. He's the MMA fighter who took "halucenegitic drugs" with a friend and tore his heart out. Pretty vile stuff. One of the questions I had about the incident is that the drug was never clearly identified in the news reports. Basically, I'm curious as to what he took. I saw a couple of media outlets refer to a "Mushroom Tea" and that he had a "Pot Garden", but that doesn't make a lot of sense given the violent and outcome.

Does anyone know the skinny? My guess is that he took PCP, or mushrooms in conjunction with an amphetamine (cocaine, meth, etc). So many of the hallucinogenic horror stories are Urban Legends that it makes me skeptical anytime a new story comes along. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, lets just say that I know from experience that shrooms+violence is a nearly impossible undertaking. You'd need to be a professional fighter to pull it off.... Oh, wait...

Tragic and strange.