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What Are The Biggest Problems With Linux?

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  • Originally posted by cdobrich View Post
    You make a good point and perhaps your experience is different than mine, but from my perspective the breakage is minimal and easily mitigated by a dedicated distribution that is watchful of what it pushes out to its users.

    And if you ever complain about missing hardware drivers, try using a micro-kernel and you'll really understand what no harddrive support means. Great example is throwing Windows XP onto a computer and it doesn't support the network card because it only comes with 31-flavors of network drivers, and the one I've got doesn't exactly fit. It's almost never the case with Linux there. Sure, you might still miss hardware, but you'll have a whole heaping lot more with a monolithic kernel. Not to mention Micro-kernels can (but not necessarily) be inefficient.
    Microsoft just didn't have to care, they had a virtual monopoly, and the OEM's did the hard work for them. So long as a default install can boot to a desktop so the actual drivers can be installed it didn't/doesn't concern them. Usually the user doesn't have to go hunting for drivers.