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Valve Will Not Be Officially Supporting Ubuntu 19.10+

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    Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
    Anyway, can someone tell me which is the best non-Ubuntu based distro for KDE Plasma ?

    Definitely openSUSE/Tumbleweed and if you want to you can add the KDE repositories to always have upstream KDE:


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      Originally posted by anarki2 View Post
      It is a rather obvious excuse, yet noone seems to have pointed it out. The Steam installer already throws a ton of [email protected] under .steam, there's literally nothing preventing them from throwing a bunch of Linux 32-bit libs along with the bunch of Windows 32-bit libs they already throw in there.
      I have 32 bit games (Oil Rush, Trine collection, etc...) outside of Steam
      What I should do with those to be able to play them?
      Do you honestly say that I should download and install Steam to get the workarounds for Ubuntu even though those games are outside of my Steam collection ?
      I don't remember exactly, but I think I also have some 32 bit proprietary programs. Should I install Steam for those too ?
      If this is what you're saying, honestly, this is nonsense. I will never install extra programs just to fix distro's problems.


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        Originally posted by Dedale View Post
        About Debian, i am seriously worried about their PC political turn. That kind of stuff is very off-putting to smart people and it will slowly drive them away.
        While such policies might be off putting to some people it's by no means by smart people, unless you want to implement a new kind of definition of smart...

        Originally posted by andreano View Post
        Time to recompile, would be my instinct. Do game devs delete their source code after release, or what?

        Having a dependency on a 32-bit userland is just an annoyance, and the wrong choice nowadays.
        There is much more to a 32-bit to 64-bit porting than a mere recompile.


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          Originally posted by [email protected] View Post

          This is a joke right? Because if there is a thing old timers know about new Windows releases, is that they break things, badly. Even from Windows 7 to 10 some games where broken.

          Being a "old timer", I find all this 32 bit gaming thing amusing because, as any old Windows user know and are used to, old software stops working at some point. Some stuff do work indeed, but the list of drivers and games that worked on Windows XP and stopped with Vista and 7, where long and painful.

          So please, don't use Microsoft as a example for the way backward compatibility should be done.
          That's not true.
          I'm an old Windows gamer playing a lot of old games.
          I don't remember having any major issue playing the same games from XP to Vista to Windows 7. Don't know about 10, but that one has its own problems.

          I've been playing a lot of older 32 bit games on Windows 7 64 bit without any problems and without requiring me to download anything extra. It just worked.
          How comes that Windows 64 bit can run 32 bit games and programs without any problems and Linux can't all of a sudden ?


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            Originally posted by DoMiNeLa10 View Post
            Great, a blow to a distro I dislike is good by my terms. I hope this will drive people away from Ubuntu.
            The problem is that you would need something better to migrate to, and nothing like that exists.


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              Originally posted by F.Ultra View Post

              While such policies might be off putting to some people it's by no means by smart people, unless you want to implement a new kind of definition of smart...
              Intelligent people see mental illness for what it is and don't placate it. Only an idiot would think that controlling speech is a working solution to the problem of people getting offended, or people being jerks. We didn't used to need long documents to tell us how to behave properly as civilized people, so what changed?


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                Originally posted by anarki2 View Post
                Btw. we live in the year 2019 and there's still no sane way to have encryption on Linux. eCryptfs is deprecated by pretty much everyone, TrueCrypt is EOL, LUKS requires repartitioning (and also has 10 years old bugs), which is a good candidate for most idiotic thing ever.

                The "best" (least horrible) choice is fscrypt by Google, which stands at 0.2.4, is considered unstable, doesn't have a way to backup and recover your stuff, and hasn't seen a commit in the last 6 months. This is your best bet.
                You're kidding right? I run Manjaro and with the exception of the install SSD, which I use EXT4, all my other drives use NTFS formatted from within Linux. Within these partitions I have created encrypted folders using gocryptfs (which is cross compatible with the Windows version) and for the really sensitive files, such as my tax/legal/medical records, each of those files are encrypted with openssl within the gocryptfs folders.

                If you can't encrypt something on Linux, then you aren't trying hard enough.

                And no, I do not believe in full disk encryption.


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                  Valve just needs to find a smaller yet solid distro they can basically take over on.

                  Solus comes to mind. Its not based on anything else, it already works well with Steam... it has a dedicated team that can take care of the things Valve doesn't wish to.

                  They can pick up and continue with the steam integration stuff.

                  Project is just big enough to save them a ton of work... and not quite established enough that they couldn't put a handful of Valve talent to work on it and wiggle their way into a major controlling role. They need to stop hitching their Linux wagon to large players that make nothing from gaming and are more focused on their real business. Go with an enthusiest distro where the people on the project are highly driven to make gaming the star of their distro.... pay some of the more talented people on the project and they will go above and beyond.


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                    In other news today....

                    Buggy makers and buggy whip manufacturers protested at Ford headquarters over their concerns regarding Ford's plan to roll out the so called "auto-mobile". Joining in the protest were breeders of horses, livery owners, saddle and tack manufactures and the The International Union of Street Sweepers and Horse Poop Pickers.


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                      Originally posted by Scellow View Post

                      that's stupid then, macOS has more shares than linux, and twice the number of supported games

                      In the long run it won't matter.