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WireGuard Is Now Available On Apple iOS

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    Originally posted by MartinVanB View Post
    I'm pretty sure the very legitimate and important warning is about tunsafe. Don't use tunsafe: it is absolute trash. Horrible code base, only partially open source, leading toward a paid-business premium model situation, written by people with a history of being scummy and bundling things like adware or selling stuff for profit. And, did I mention, the codebase is just disgusting? Don't use tunsafe. Stick to the real official wireguard clients from upstream.

    Like all neat new things, there will always be hawks and people just trying to profit, folks cloning stuff in subpar ways, and so forth. And then of course, the massive troll army that crops up to support such hawks. Tunsafe is nothing new in this regard. Yawn.
    Is this serious or a joke? Only you know the reason why there is a TunSafe warning on your website. You're quite alone in thinking that TunSafe's code base is trash. And you're also quite alone thinking that the TunSafe author has a history of being scummy.

    And for those who don't know, Ludvig Strigeus, the TunSafe author[1], is one of Sweden's most reputable programmers, both in open source (OpenTTD, which is still considered one of the best free games) and of course uTorrent that he sold when offered to join and create next-generation music service (Spotify).

    TunSafe is a project he has created in his spare time aside from working on Spotify. In a short period of time, he has created a WireGuard client for both Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry PI, MacOS, iOS, Android.