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Allwinner VPU Bootlin linux kernel upstream kickstarter

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  • Allwinner VPU Bootlin linux kernel upstream kickstarter

    The guys that submitted lots of DRM patches and stuff for allwinner to Linux kernel are doing a kickstarter to add support for hardware decoding h264, h265 etc and for it to be upstreamed to Linux kernel:

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    The campaign is already funded and well into its second stretch goal.
    I wonder why Michael hasn't picked that up yet.

    Bootlin(formerly Free Electrons) is a model citizen for a third party software contractor doing work on the kernel, be it on a contract with a hardware vendor or independent funding like this kickstarter. And the budget involved looks like pocket money for someone like Allwinner...


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      The kickstarter has finished now, the h265 playback support stretch goal has been met
      They have posted blog posts on work done over the past few of months:
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