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Compiz Support For Multi-Pointer X

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  • Compiz Support For Multi-Pointer X

    Phoronix: Compiz Support For Multi-Pointer X

    In May we shared that Multi-Pointer X (or MPX for short) was entering the mainline X server. While it was merged to master that month, X Server 1.5 was already branched out and therefore it won't appear in X.Org 7.4, but it will appear in X Server 1.6 (X.Org 7.5) until next year. While it's now in the mainline branch, Peter Hutterer, the chief developer of MPX, hasn't stopped there...

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    I'm very interested in this whole Mulit-Pointer X stuff and hopefully I can enjoy it in a few month/years without much manual configuration work


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      Hopefully this gets into ubuntu 9.04 or something.


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        I just posted this over at in the Core Dvelopment forum. Hopefully someone cares enough to do something with it!

        Like I said over there, with the Nvidia system-on-a-chip coming that has been proven to play Quake III and small enough for handheld devices, I see this announcement as a huge boon to Compiz if they (the Core dev's) decide to use it.


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          Using X from git-master (which has mpx) + David Reveman's patches for input-redirection. I patched freewins to use IR (though atm it is a rather hack-ish)Unf...


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            Is IR part of the same work ?


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              I doubt it - ir was available already. There's a bunch of videos of wii remote + compiz.


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                Originally posted by Vadi View Post
                I doubt it - ir was available already. There's a bunch of videos of wii remote + compiz.
                as patches


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                  Input Redirection ?

                  man, I hate acronyms!

                  Does IR mean Infra-Red in this context or Input Redirection? I thought the latter.