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Coming To A Desktop Near You: X.Org 7.4

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  • Coming To A Desktop Near You: X.Org 7.4

    Phoronix: Coming To A Desktop Near You: X.Org 7.4

    The last day and a half has been filled with X.Org articles at Phoronix... Yesterday was X Server 1.4.1, today was X Server 1.4.2, and in just a few days we will now see X Server 1.5.0...

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    Since kernel modesetting will come soon with 2.6.27, are there some thinking about kernel keyboard mapping? Having a separate keyboard mapper for each the console and the xorg is not so comfortable, it could be nice if using the one of the console by some option in xorg.conf file.

    Another thing is the annoying configuration files using XML. Couldn't be better so use plain text files like xorg.conf or even simpler. Maybe the structure of configuration files should change, like putting them in something like /etc/xorg/ too.


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      Wait a minute...
      What's the difference between and X server?


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        Xorg = Xserver + Drivers + Tools


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          oh, ok. Thanks!