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Ubuntu 13.10 vs. Fedora Linux CPU Benchmarks

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  • Ubuntu 13.10 vs. Fedora Linux CPU Benchmarks

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 13.10 vs. Fedora Linux CPU Benchmarks

    A few days back I shared OpenGL benchmarks of Fedora 19, Fedora 20, Ubuntu 13.04, and Ubuntu 13.10. For those not interested in the CPU performance of these four Linux distributions, those results are now available...

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    Ubuntu: same performance, 10x times less bugs.


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      Conceed to Ubuntu

      Canonical hit the paradyme sought after by Linux enthusiasts for years.
      I'll just be glad when they have the Ubuntu Customization Kit with selectable choices on their website to decide what curtains and doormats are available upon downloading the live CD's.

      [Graphics Software]


      [Window Manager]

      [*]___Cairo Dock
      [_]___KDE 4
      [_]___Mate 1.2