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AMD A10-6800K Richland APU On Linux

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  • AMD A10-6800K Richland APU On Linux

    Phoronix: AMD A10-6800K Richland APU On Linux

    Earlier this month AMD unveiled their Richland desktop APUs as an upgraded version of Trinity. While still based upon Piledriver CPU cores, the AMD A10-6800K APU under Linux is a modest upgrade until the arrival of the Jaguar-based APUs. For starting off our Linux testing of the A10-6800K are Ubuntu Linux benchmarks of this high-end Richland APU compared against the A10-5800K Trinity APU.

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    what about iGPU?


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      Originally posted by chris200x9 View Post
      what about iGPU?
      Originally posted by Phoronix
      For those that have been wondering about AMD Richland APUs, hopefully this article provides some guidance on the CPU side. The Radeon graphics testing will be coming up in another Phoronix article for both the open-source and closed-source Catalyst drivers.
      Reading is hard.


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        ok... summing up:
        if AMD goes to smaller feature sizes and further increses frequency, it will be a hell of a CPU... i mean 65% increased performance per watt is quite a "hausnummer" Germans would say

        what does it actually mean that the time graphs go further.. does it really take longer? i somehow get puzzled there everytime. as it looks like the higher frequency with slightly higher power consumption would need longer. which for average may do no harm but for total consumption per task be a total disaster and would be inconsistent with the performance numbers from the other graphs.

        plase, can someone explain these graphs to me? (FLAC audio encoding is a rather remarkable one of that kind...)


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          Originally posted by d2kx View Post
          Reading is hard.
          It really is.


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            AMD jucked up some of the code for it's newer CPU's
            "The Overclocker "The Stilt" from Finland has managed to optimize SuperPI performance on AMD systems"
            Overclocker "The Stilt" from Finland has managed to optimize SuperPI performance on AMD systems, and all you need to replicate the results are the patch and some liquid nitrogen.

            is it fixxed on Linux?


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              Superpi is worthless as a benchmark. It's almost entirely x87 code. It's easy to verify, just run a profiler on it.


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                I'm actually surprised about the difference between Richland and Trinity. I didn't think it was going to be that large of a difference. By the time I'd need to get a Richland system I'm sure Kaveri will be out though, so I think that's going to be what my next upgrade will end up being. Depends on the GCN situation on Linux at the time, however.


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                  As I thought, no need to "upgrade" from my 5800k yet then! Maybe the next revision will be a reason! Still 5800k gives decent performance for me!

                  Liam of


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                    Let's see performance in games...

                    I hope that we also have (when the announced boards start to ship) a review of one of those mini-ITX Kabini mobos with the AMD A6-5200