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TI Linux Developers Continue Work On The OMAP5

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  • TI Linux Developers Continue Work On The OMAP5

    Phoronix: TI Linux Developers Continue Work On The OMAP5

    While the ultimate future of Texas Instruments' OMAP division remains uncertain, their software engineers continue to work on maturing the OMAP5 Linux support...

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    If they need to save some money time, let this crap die. It's useless to work on a chip that will only be 80% functional, unless they are able to provide a full-featured PowerVR driver on their own, which I doubt, Intel continues to suck at it with their Atom line.

    Imagination Technologies is really a bad guy in this world, as bad as nvidia...


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      TI's about to make AMD/Intel's worst mistake

      Selling their ARM/MIPS businesses at the dawn of the smartphone. These sales would have included non-competition clauses to prevent them from ever entering the only growth market in personal computing. Is TI going to run away from the embedded market in two years when their competitors, fat from the massively over priced smartphones they've been selling ($500 for a 4" LCD and 32GB of storage, c'mon I call BS) expand their operations. They may a well do their shareholders a favour and sell everything off and close right now. This should be TI's golden opportunity to grab market share since they've ruled the ARM world for two decades. Do they have Hector Ruiz there or what?


      All graphics chip makers are bad guys, even the Loongson now uses closed drivers. Imagine if Intel or ARM kept their ISA's secret and expected people to program for them. Would anyone have bothered with them at all? This is why the Linux Foundation should have worked with GNU to make the GPL3 acceptable for adoption and forced all drivers open right. It happened right at the beginning of the smartphone era and everyone called RMS an extremist nutjob but he was right again. A big opportunity was missed, it's not like Google would have switched to anything other than Linux for Android at that point.