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Intel Clarkdale (Core i3) Linux Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by yuhong View Post
    What about the /proc/cpuinfo?
    It's been there if you read the article.
    Michael Larabel


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      Originally posted by cubdukat View Post
      Are there any specific distros that perform well or seem to have more problems than others?

      I am going to be picking up an Calpella-based laptop, but I haven't seen a whole lot of data about how Linux-compatible the new Core processors and their chipsets are.
      Unfortunately, it would seem that at least for the moment, Calpella is not handled in Linux very well. I've only been able to get one distro to run (the alpha of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx), but it hangs up whenever you switch to battery power. Fedora 12, OpenSuse 11.1 and Backtrack 4 Final all refused to install.


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        Looks pretty cool, looking into it


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          Ubdate on the Lockup Issues w/Lucid Alpha on Core i3 Laptop

          Just wanted to give a small update on this problem.

          The lockup on battery power problem seems to have been resolved, but unfortunately Ubuntu Lucid is a slightly problematic alpha right now. Which is somewhat redundant, right?

          I downloaded the most recent Fedora 12 Respin and I'm going to try it out. If not, I'll just wait until Lucid officially hits.