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Arm Memory Tagging Extension Ready For Linux 5.10

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  • Arm Memory Tagging Extension Ready For Linux 5.10

    Phoronix: Arm Memory Tagging Extension Ready For Linux 5.10

    While the Linux 5.9 kernel isn't even being released until later today, the ARM64 architectural changes have already been mailed in ahead of the opening of the Linux 5.10 merge window...

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    It's so good to see ideas from the end of eighties that ended up only in military spec chips (like Intel i960mx) finally being available to the wider audience. Intel was talking about this with skylake arch but pulled back for unknown reasons. Looks like their implementation was half-baked and not yet ready for release. But it might still be lurking there in the silicon, just undocumented ...


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      A few years ago, I worked as an intern in the team at Arm that developed this instruction set extension, and I made some contributions to the design/specification for it.

      It's nice to see something, that I was personally a part of, be on its way to gain adoption. I hope good uses come from it.


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        I'm sure that spark ada community will jump on it for sure, some others likely too. If it's there in the hardware, it only makes sense to use it.


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          I am really keen to see this implemented for RISCV in the kernel. And furthermore in the user space to the dotnetcore GC.