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A Curious Look At Eight Core Server CPU Performance From Intel Xeon Haswell To AMD EPYC Rome

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    What really draws me to the single-socket Epyc setups are things like that Asrock Rack boards are the 16 core or 32 core Epyc chips with the possibility of 1TB (or 2TB, if 256GB LRDIMMs can be found) in an ATX form factor. There is a certain level of resistance where I work to rackmounted systems, while something that fits on a desk barely gets blinked at even if it costs $20,000...

    Also, slightly older server kit has always been cheap - I picked up a fairly stuffed server a few years ago that came with dual Xeons, 96GB of RAM, redundant power supplies and four 3GB GTX580s for less than a single one of those 580's would have cost me new when launched. The only thing I needed to add was HDDs, and it had 6 hot-swap SAS bays. Used server kit is more expensive in the UK/Europe than the US, but you can still get some rather impressive deals.