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VirtualBox Gets OpenGL Acceleration Support

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  • VirtualBox Gets OpenGL Acceleration Support

    Phoronix: VirtualBox Gets OpenGL Acceleration Support

    Sun Microsystems has announced the release this morning of VirtualBox 2.1 with several enticing additions. VirtualBox 2.1 introduces support for hardware virtualization (through Intel VT and AMD's AMD-V) on Mac OS X host systems, support for 64-bit guest operating systems on 32-bit host systems, support for Intel Nehalem (Core i7) virtualization enhancements, full VMDK/VHD support, a new NAT engine, and new Host Interface Networking implementations on Linux and Windows...

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    Now only a good Direct3d to OpenGL converter is needed, like Wine has, and you can play UT3 Windows under your VirtualBox running in Linux host.


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      Great job done by Sun!

      I have just tested it with Warcraft 3 TFT (OGL mode) on Windows XP 32-Bit running in VirtualBox 2.1 on Ubuntu 8.10. It has some minor graphical glitches but it works amazingly well.


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        Yes! I've been waiting for this moment for more than two years. I can finally put my windows partition to rest (I used it only to test my opengl programs).

        Way to go, VirtualBox! You rock!


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          OpenGL acceleration.. How? Can they expose graphics hardware to a virtual machine? Really?


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            Would be nice to see if this even works. I tried vmware, and it failed horribly for when I needed it. Such a pita to setup and I was getting 5fps.


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              I can't believe it!

              If directx support comes as well, than gamers won't need to set up a dual-boot anymore! Just a windows xp VM would be enough!


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                holy macaroni ;o only one step further (DX9) and goodbye windows for good ;-)


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                  What a fantastic X-mas gift!

                  I just got a little scholarship at the uni and need a new multicore box for bioinformatics work. Perhaps I should go with Sun as a way to say thanx for their open source efforst over the last couple of years...


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                    I've got mixed feelings about this...
                    Ok, so you can play Windows-games without rebooting into a seperate windows-partition... but that's about it.
                    You still need a Windows-install and thus a Windows-licence (if you want to stay on the legal side). And I fear game-developers might be even less intrigued to do linux-ports, since hey, they can play it on a vm just as well.