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Secure Boot Isn't So Secure After All: The Golden Key Is Out

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    That's incorrect. Often you only need to set a password to disable Secure Boot.


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      Originally posted by chuckula View Post
      Well when secureboot first came out it was accused of being some giant conspiracy to stop PCs from ever running Linux.
      5 years later and dozens of easy successful Linux installs later [long before this hack was announced], that was obviously wrong.

      As for preventing boot-level malware, well the vast majority of malware has no need to ever get that low-level in the first place, so we're not really any less secure in the real-world than before secureboot showed up.

      In other news, I'd greatly like to see secureboot put onto every Android device in existence. I'd like the so-called "open" Android platform to be just as locked down as all those evil Microsoft PCs so I can actually put a real Linux distribution on it just like the supposedly "locked down" PCs.
      No it was not. Some laptops dont have option for BIOS anymore.
      Some laptop's secureboots are buggy as hell, and it took me several days to figure out what the hell the problem is. It's not a success story no matter how you look at it.

      Now, I compile kernels myself for my PC. I am ZERO interested in messing with secure boot. End of story.


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        Originally posted by chithanh View Post
        Tegra 3 with 10" 1366x768 screen? Not what I would call awesome.

        I agree.

        The IdeaPad A10 is ARM based and comes with Android, and it can run Debian with some tinkering, but without having to defeat Secure Boot.
        It's an IdeaPad