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MSI: Update Your BIOS From The Linux Desktop

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  • MSI: Update Your BIOS From The Linux Desktop

    Phoronix: MSI: Update Your BIOS From The Linux Desktop

    Now that the MSI X99S SLI PLUS is running great on Linux, I've been working with the company towards some other Linux improvements along with some other interesting Linux hardware reviews to come thanks to our renewed cooperation. One of the items I've been voicing has been regarding better supporting Linux users with regard to a smoother BIOS/UEFI update process. Well, there is a utility they support for updating your MSI motherboard BIOS from the Linux desktop!

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    Is there anything else you'd like to see from MSI when it comes to Linux motherboard support?
    Yes: coreboot.
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    Intel: GMA45, HD3000 (Core i5 2500K)


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      Any desktop motherboard vendor supporting coreboot might be extremely interesting news.

      Other things I wonder about is:
      • Is there consumer desktop motherboard that have ASPM support?
        I just wonder if there any way to power off/on PCIe with ACPI.
      • Is there motherboard that have proper IOMMU groups so ACS patch for kernel not required to run multiple VMs with one PCIe GPU each?
        Though not sure if it's just problem mobo problem or kernel / KVM problem.


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        Thats nice! Though I find it just as easy to load a new BIOS file on a USB drive and flash from within the BIOS.


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          The other day I ran smartctl on my hard drive and it pointed out that I had a Seagate hard drive with known firmware updates.

          I went to Seagate's website and found a package containing a windows updater, a iso-based updater, and a linux cli updater! It updated my hard drive firmware from my normal ubuntu install with zero issues.

          Kudos to seagate and MSI!


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            Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
            Yes: coreboot.
            Not to defend proprietary firmwares, but MSI alone cannot open source the implementations of trade secrets in Intel chipsets. Intel has to contribute enough to upstream coreboot that just wire glue needs to be added by the board manufacturer.

            Their AMD boards, however, could mostly easily be coreboot supported, so yeah, MSI, get on that.


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              I would like to see Coreboot support.
              I would like to see open source software.

              I heard that when manufacturers compile the ACPI tables they may use different compilers, and that many use the Microsoft compiler which is not as strict as the Intel compiler.
              So it would be good if they used the much more strict Intel ACPI compiler to make sure their motherboards are really truly ACPI compliant.


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                You can get the 5.05.04 version her:


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                  Originally posted by zanny View Post
                  Intel has to contribute enough to upstream coreboot
                  You don't. You really say it?


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                    Where is the download link for the tool? Aren't you allowed to redistribute?