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Motherboards With Broken ASPM On Linux

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    Motherboards with broken ASPM hasn't changed much in 2013 and 2014

    The december 2013 produced Intel NUC D33217CK with september 2014 BIOS 0053 tells the OS from its ACPI FADT table that ASPM is disabled despite having ASPM enabled in its BIOS. Using Ubuntu's fwts:
    $ sudo fwts acpidump - | grep ASPM
    PCIe ASPM Not supported (V4): 0x1
    PCIe ASPM Not supported (V4): 0x1

    And with many 2014 Haswell/1150/Intel series 8 chipset motherboards from Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte and MSI ASPM is still disabled as well by actively enabling the BOOT_ARCH[4] in the ACPI FADT. Almost always there aren't even not enough configuration options opened in the BIOS to clear this bit flag. Only exception from 9 tested 1150/Haswell mainboard is the Asus H81M-A. After setting "Advanced\Platform Misc Configuration >" option PCI Express Native Power Managment [Disabled]->[Enabled] and Native ASPM [Disabled]->[Enabled] the "PCIe ASPM Not supported (V4): 0x1" became "PCIe ASPM Not supported (V4): 0x0".

    Even pcie_aspm=force pcie_aspm.policy=powersave is not enough to completely enable ASPM. As a (side) result the processor package P-state does not enter C6 (pc6) or C7 (pc7). Package P-state sticks at C2 (pc2) or C3 (pc3). After manually enabling ASPM using the setpci command for each and every ASPM enabled PCI express device, PC6/PC7 can be reached.