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Mobo Asus B150M-PLUS doesn't wake up from suspend

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  • Mobo Asus B150M-PLUS doesn't wake up from suspend

    I moved from the laptop to PC recently and noticed that suspend doesn't work. In particular it acts like:
    1. I click «Suspend» and looks like system properly goes to sleep
    2. There is a blue LED on the front of the case and it starts to blink slowly. Blinks for 4-5 times (7-10sec) and stops blinking. The usb-wifi connected to mobo has a LED which is active disregard of state of blue LED
    3. Click of the power button starts regular boot of my Linux, not restoring the state
    4. If I click power button within these 4-5 blinks of the LED, then system restore it states properly with no problem
    5. Connection of Corsair HX750 PSU didn't help and didn't affect anything

    Motherboard Asus B150M-PLUS, Intel G4400, M.2 SSD, AMD RX560. BIOS was updated to the latest 3806 firmware and setting were reset with CLRTC pins.

    Debian Testing (non-free and non-free-firmware are enabled). Up to date. Files /var/log/pm-* are empty.

    # journalctl |grep PM|grep supports
    Mar 10 20:50:43 scif kernel: ACPI: PM: (supports S0 S3 S4 S5)
    Mar 10 20:50:43 scif kernel: acpi PNP0A08:00: _OSC: OS supports [ExtendedConfig ASPM ClockPM Segments MSI HPX-Type3
    Boot log:​