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The Radeon RX Vega Makes A Nod To Linux

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  • The Radeon RX Vega Makes A Nod To Linux

    Phoronix: The Radeon RX Vega Makes A Nod To Linux

    This week I ended up receiving the Radeon RX Vega 56 and Radeon RX Vega 64 from AMD. While the embargo on performance figures for the Radeon RX Vega series doesn't expire until Monday, the embargo expires this morning for "unboxing" these consumer Vega cards. I don't quite get those interested in the unboxing hype, but the Radeon RX Vega 64 box did get me smiling (aside from the card itself) for a small gesture.

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    Yay! \o/

    For the upcoming stuff...
    Please include:
    - Does the reference design features a dual-BIOS and can you flash it (in theory)?
    - Assuming AiB cooling performance (for future reference), does the card throttle even with full on fan speed?
    - I'm not sure how overclocking works under Linux (normally, you calibrate it under windows, flash the Bios and let it run under Linux), but one of the most important aspects of overclocking RX Vega is the HBM2 memory. Please (if you can) include some info on it how good your samples overclock (if they hit 1.100 MHz on HBM2 with a little more voltage, things look good imho.)
    - Small "how to" to get Vega running (I know you already did that in another article, but its good to have everything in one place)

    Nice pictures btw


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      Well, it won't work under Linux anyways, so at least now I got a nice Vega glass paperweight.
      Hahaha the analog world is so much preferable sometimes :-D


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        Minimum PSU requirement 750W?
        That sounds, a bit conservative. Are they assuming you are running this with an i9?


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          What is even better - Linux mentioned before windows. Now that got me smiling too


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            wouldve been better if you just posted the picture without spoiling before


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              Huh, i wonder when (if ever) mainstream reviewers would start making linux benchmarks along with windows, and how surprised they would be when they'll discover phoronix.


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                Wow, that's a beaty. And, they put Linux on the first place in the list of compatible operating systems.

                Unfortunately, such beauty doesn't cope well with compactness. Michael, would you do some tests of external GPU enclosures? I'm very curious about compatibility with Linux and performance of AMD GPUs in an external enclosure.


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                  Is the packaging of the Vega cards and the threadripper CPUs really necessary? A lot of show, only to throw it away after a few minutes. I'd rather want a regular simple box that it's entirely recyclable...

                  These boxes are not only going to rip threads but also rip some sea creatures
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                    Yes, it is nice to see Linux mentioned as a supported OS on the box :-) Can't wait to see some benchmarks on Linux, it's great that AMD did include Phoronix this time.