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  • R9 380 & Linux

    Hello folks,

    I'm thinking about migrating to Linux and I've been studying about how my hardware will do. There's much to learn, and I thought about checking with more knowledgeable people before comitting to this change. I have a 4gb R9 380.

    So, if I get it right, the R9 380 is among the newest models of the AMD GPUs, meaning it will have support from the new kernel drive AMDGPU, released recently. However, according to some benchmarks I've seen here, the driver is far too incipient, being useless for gaming. Does the R9 380 needs amdgpu or there are other alternatives?

    And about the Catalyst vs Open Source drivers, I've read that Catalyst tends to be buggy, but with higher performance and supporting the newest models more quickly. With the R9 380 do I have to option to use open source drivers (are they supported yet?)? I've been thinking of using Fedora, but with its difficulties with proprietary drivers, I don't really know.