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AMD Radeon HD 3200 / 780G

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  • AMD Radeon HD 3200 / 780G

    Phoronix: AMD Radeon HD 3200 / 780G

    Last year AMD introduced the flagship 790 Chipset series as part of their Spider Platform for use with the Phenom processors and Radeon HD 3800 graphics. Until earlier this month when AMD introduced the 780 Series, missing was any chipset with integrated graphics capabilities supporting these first AMD quad-core processors. Now we have AMD's 780G and 780V Chipsets, which are designed to be the mainstream solutions to the 790FX, but they pack the best integrated graphics processor (IGP) ever created by the combined ATI/AMD engineering talent. Since its launch at the CeBIT trade show, the AMD 780G has received rave reviews for its vehement performance due to its graphics core that's derived from the AMD RV610. The benchmarks available on launch day were only for Microsoft Windows operating systems, but this morning we have the Radeon HD 3200 Linux results from the AMD 780G. Is this IGP a crown jewel on Linux?

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    AMD 780G/SB700 + AMD Phenom X3 is/will be definitly a great platform that I am looking forward to building a system with, e.g. for my parents. What would have been interesting is the Compiz performance, especially with you using Ubuntu Hardy that's using the latest Compiz 0.7.2 release which (0.7 and newer) haven't seen any tests with fglrx yet. I however will be doing some R580 + Compiz git tests later today/this week.


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      Thank you for this review. I was waiting to see how this chip performed under Linux.

      Looking forward to the motherboard reviews. Hopefully there you can look at other general aspects like Compiz, video playback, maybe Google Earth, HDMI support, suspend/resume... For an IGP these are more important than gaming performance, IMHO. And maybe compare with an Intel and/or NVIDIA IGP? That would be awsome



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        i ordered the gigabyte version of this m/b, and i'll be putting it together this week. I got an athlon 4400+ 2.3 ghz proc, but i'm just found out that amd makes a 2.3 ghz chip thats rated at 45 watts that will work in this board.

        i plan on using the onboard graphics and not playing games with this machine, so i'm trying to decide whether i should rma the 65 watt processor in favor of the 45 watt.

        i'm going to swap either proc out for a 45nm phenom this fall, so i'm not sure if the power savings is worth it.

        I'm taking suggestions though.


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          Dissapointing performance

          I think the performance of this IGP is quite dissapointing. It's a bit like a car that can drive 300MPH, but always driven at bad weather which doesn't allow for speed over 10MPH. It would be nice if the chip would really be up to some serious gaming. It's nice it can play some 'older' games, but hey, my Intel 915 can play most older games too, so it's not really any better in that perspective. Also my intel 915 always performed fine with compiz (especially with the 2.0 and 2.1 intel driver), so I don't see how this bit of extra speed is adding any value... I'd really like to see if having dedicated memory for the IGP makes a difference in speed, but I doubt it'll make the card any more useful.

          I do hope this might start a race for better integrated graphics, but I honestly doubt it will.


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            Usually IGP is used for office pcs and with the intergrated h264 accelleration (at least for win) you could use it for multimedia players. The speed is ok, I just prefer Intel onboard boards because of more stable drivers. Ok, currently OSS driver are developed but of course those benchmarks have been done with fglrx. As I tested really much this binary driver I had to use quite often the reset button. fglrx is everying but a good driver. Best thing is that the OSS driver is evolving quite well, maybe next year it could be a good platform.


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              I only want to see the HDMI review part. I REALLY hope that that's working properly and I can set-up my HTPC the way I had intended.


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                I'm looking forward to the Puma Plattform!


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                  Originally posted by conchpapa View Post
                  I only want to see the HDMI review part. I REALLY hope that that's working properly and I can set-up my HTPC the way I had intended.
                  Seconded. Michael, can you do something about this humble request?


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                    I am building a mythbuntu based htpc. Where can I download the catalyst driver. I checked the ati website and can't find a driver for the HD 3200.