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EVGA 8600GT 256mb RAM Not Always Detected

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  • EVGA 8600GT 256mb RAM Not Always Detected

    Was not sure of whether to post this here or under motherboards.
    If the system has not been running for a few hours and I turn it on, the motherboard does not detect the video card. I get one long beep followed by two short beeps (Video Card not found or video memory bad) and the diagnostic LEDs on the motherboard indicate VGA Error.

    The system will actually boot to a login screen that I cannot see and I can then login remotely and halt the system or log in and halt by careful typing. On the second or third attempt the video card will be found and everything works fine. 2D and 3D using the NVidia driver current with Ubuntu 7.10. (100.14.19) The motherboard does take a noticeable few seconds more than my old socket 939 board to get to POST when I can see what is happening.

    From the EVGA website I did find a suggestion to reseat the card (done with a nice positive click) and rearrange the RAM (done as well from A1/B1 to A2/B2)

    I am also running the latest BIOS for my motherboard, from 2008-01-28, A78XA125.BST

    Some other parts of the system:
    Biostar TA770 A2+ Motherboard
    AMD 4800+ 64x2 Brisbane
    A-DATA 4GB(2x2GB) DDR2 800
    Antec 500W Earthwatts with both Molex for video and the new 8pin CPU connector plugged into motherboard in addition to the 24pin connector
    Seagate 250GB SATA

    I did change Grub to now halt at the menu so that I can safely turn off PC after a no-video boot without having to login.

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    I'd assume that either the Mainboard or the card is defective (a wonder)...

    Yous should try to get temporarily access to either a PCIe video card or a skt am2
    mobo, exchange the component to find out what's the problem and RMA the offending piece of shit -err- hardware. If you bought both components from the same shop, bring the whole box to the shop, and let them try to sort things out.


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      I am hoping that either the mainboard or the video card are just finicky in their relationships.

      I noticed my SATA HDD was plugged into SATA4 and not SATA1 (I was not born in a culture that reads right to left) and moved it to SATA1. I pressed on the video card , memory, and all the other cables for good luck and booted. For the last two days the video card has been detected properly on boot.

      This is my only PCIe board, the vendor was Newegg, and I am sticking with it under the theory that it is more quirky than broken.


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        I had a similar issue a few weeks ago.

        I bought a xfx 8600gt 512mb and after installing it into my box, the system would not post. Our circumstances are different, I have an intel system, 8gb ram, etc.

        Ultimately what happened was I ended up buying a new motherboard and testing the xfx card i got the same results, no post.

        when i removed my ram completetly from the motherboard and only installed 4gb, the system would post. if i then added the other 4gb, no post. no post if i removed 4gb, i would require removing all the ram and installing only 4gb again to make it post. this was the case with both motherboards (intel dq965gf and intel dq35jo). the xfx 8600gt card did not require the additional 6 pin power cable, it is completely powered by the pci-e slot.

        anyways, long story short, the card is defective in some way and maybe the two motherboards are at fault in some way too. I RMA'd the xfx and got an ASUS silent 8600gt (also self powered through the pci-e slot) and I have had no issues since.

        Note: both of my motherboards worked fine with a hd2600xt and a different 8600gt before this, so this issue was unique just to the xfx card.


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          Bumped up the memory so that all 4 slots are full and motherboard is now maxed out. Was just too cheap to pass up.
          A-DATA 8GB(4x2GB) DDR2 800

          Issue is no worse or better.

          I may try unplugging the molex power connector for video from the motherboard. This is an extra power connector in addition to the 24pin main and 8pin CPU that Biostar provides in molex form to help power the video card instead of just relying on what is flowing through the PCI-e slot.


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            About a month ago I started to turn off the power strip to which the PC is plugged in when I am done with the PC at the end of the day. Previously, I had left the power strip on all the time.

            Since then the problem has not occurred.

            A positive side effect to hunting down and turning off power strips that had power bricks attached that were pulling vampire loads.


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              i am going through the same problem i recently purchased a evga 8600-gt
              i tried to plug it in to the pciex16 slot and it fit then when i went to turn it on there was nothing on the monitor. all my other videos cars work just by plug and play but im not sure about this one. Should i return the card and buy a new one?

              SOOOO HELP ME please repost and explaine to me whats going on ... im not that tech smart but i know a decent amount

              Heres my comp specs in case that helps

              2.4ghz intel quad core
              3gb ram (ddr)
              assus p5q motherboard


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                Truely stupid question: Are the power supplies adequate? Powering on a computer is usually the moment of peak power draw...