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NVIDIA Is Still Killing AMD Over Linux OpenGL Performance

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    Originally posted by felipe View Post
    Amd sucks on linux desktop but is great on android(adreno). Maybe we should buy tablets and evol, also the radeon cards tested are inferior to the nvidia cards
    Adreno is from Qualcomm. It was owned by ATI/AMD until 2008, but the brand name over there was not adreno, but Imageon.


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      As much as I love to throw sunshine and lollipops NVIDIA's way... I have to admit that I feel that the driver quality has been regressing a lot in recent years. It seems like every driver version introduces some new esoteric bug and they don't really give the impression that they care much to fix it.

      The codebase must be a complete trainwreck if simply touching one area makes the whole thing fall apart.

      Performance is kinda good... but only when the driver kinda works. So I can get 1,000 fps in L4D2 until the game hangs in the safe room. That's the sort of thing that doesn't show up in the benchmarks.


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        Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
        You are doing it wrong. If game performance and video playback are the most important things for you, then you need Windows or a console...

        Nice trolling attempt though...
        Nice trolling.

        Intel drivers suffer random tearing for me, with nvidia I can play metro , serious sam bfe 3, dota 2, half life, counter strike, left 4 dead 2 etc, very smooth, and I have Windows 8.1 too for playing battlefield 4.
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          Originally posted by Bucic View Post
          We're customers, not investors. I'll be willing to give AMD some credit only if they officially move majority of resources from Catalyst for Linux to the os driver. It's not like Linux popped up a year ago, you know.
          Exactly - excellent point. While I myself own AMD cards and haven't bought an nvidia product in over 10 years (I don't buy new hardware often), I would still recommend nvidia to linux gamers or anyone who really cares about overall GPU performance. Intel is fine for laptops or low-end desktops.

          I appreciate AMD's open source efforts and they're really making good steady progress, but they decided to put this effort in a little too late. I'm sure they're not keeping up with catalyst because it WILL be obsoleted, it's just a matter of when. So, they're basically putting enough attention into it to make sure it "works" but otherwise they'd probably get rid of catalyst if they could.


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            Originally posted by zanny View Post
            This is still supporting the only company that puts almost 0 effort into any foss projects.
            Who cares? I want results! I didn't bought my hardware to support politics. I bought it to play games...

            Happy Nvidia owner who have purchased Wargame European Escalation, Left 4 Dead 2 and Half Life 2 just to play them on Linux. Performance is on par with Windows and thats FANTASTIC!

            Never installed them on Windows.
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              Dude, what is up with the weird Xonotic benchmarks? Is there a CPU bottleneck going on?


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                Originally posted by verde View Post
                Never installed them on Windows.
                I a liar..
                I did for testing..


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                  Originally posted by pandev92 View Post
                  Nice trolling.

                  Intel drivers suffer random tearing for me, with nvidia I can play metro , serious sam bfe 3, dota 2, half life, counter strike, left 4 dead 2 etc, very smooth, and I have Windows 8.1 too for playing battlefield 4.
                  You said it yourself. You have Windows 8.1 ... So i am right. Nuff said...


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                    @verde i can play with HL2, Dota or l4d2 on my cape verde (hd7770) powered by galium3d
                    but fact is that my old GT9600 can handle Metro LL or Metro2033 by wine and my hd7700 not (catalyst or radeonsi doens't matter) i've still hope


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                      I've had to many bad experiences with AMD/ATI cards, both drivers and bundled apps, even with Windows, to ever buy one again.

                      OK, a closed binary blob is a political fail for OSS, but at the end of the day it's NVidia's intellectual property and as long as you know in advance that's what you're buying into, then that's your choice.

                      Qualcomm/Adreno is just as bad.

                      Hopefully as Intel make progress on power and performance and the linux driver remains reasonably open, it will put pressure on NVidia and AMD to do more.

                      I don't know much about Arm's own Mali hardware and drivers to comment, but I think they're better than Adreno, NVidia and AMD?
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