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    UVD2 / X-Video Bitstream Acceleration (XvBA) coming to FGLRX?

    Hi Yall & Michael,

    um, like dude, di you just say ....

    "The Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD2) support with ATI Avivo HD may also be ignored by Linux users at this time, as we have been talking about the X-Video Bitstream Acceleration (XvBA) for a year now and it still has yet to be usable by ATI Radeon customers, but it finally will be in the very near future. UVD2 in ATI Radeon hardware will finally mean something on Linux, but we will have to wait to share more until permitted."

    Holly Smokes, that should so have been the title of this article!

    That is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!

    We can organize, UVD2 / X-Video Bitstream Acceleration (XvBA) Parties, accross the www, to celebrate! :-)

    Just as well I went for a 5850! :-)


    *OMG* *OMG* *OMG*

    Right, that is enough for now....

    Waits for further updates, in a mild state of shock.

    GreekGeek :-)


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      Originally posted by JeanPaul145 View Post
      Does anybody have any idea whether or not the FOSS radeon drivers support the 3-head display feature? I am aware that dualscreen is working nicely nowadays, but I don't want to extrapolate from that. And if the drivers don't support that feature, in what timeframe might it be able to do so?
      as I understand it, the OS drivers currently support zero displays on 5xxx

      the third display isn't more difficult to program than the first two, so I'd expect all three outputs to start working at the same time.

      Edit: hmm, you can use DVI+DVI+DisplayPort or DVI+HDMI+DisplayPort. Looks like DisplayPort isn't possible yet. Then again, this page claims that DVI over DisplayPort works anyway. So after all, I don't know more than you do.
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        As Nvidia GTX 260 is about as expensive as the HD 5750 I would add it as comparision. Maybe GTX 275 too, even if it currently more expensive. I really dislike that no test mentions the extremely bad xv performance with fglrx. The tearing is so extreme what it is basically useless.

        Also 8.67 must be 9-11 not 9-10 as 8.65 is the current 9-9 driver.


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          Originally posted by haplo602 View Post
          anyway these look nice ... maybe as prices go down a 5770 will fit into my build instead of the current GTS 250.
          I am also looking for a comparison of the Nvidia GTS 250 and the HD5750, as the 1 GB GTS250s are priced similarly to the HD5750s...
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            GTX 260 has got the same price too, would be much smarter to buy GT200 instead of G92.


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              windows benchmarks suggest that HD5770 = HD4870 = GTX 260 (with only a few percent difference in either direction, depending on the game)

              Don't just calculate with the retail price though, power consumption is a factor as well. Here's some values:

              Scenario #1: a life-time of 3 years with an average of 2 hours of load + 5 hours idle per day. (my scenario, since I often work at home and like gaming on weekends)
              Scenario #2: a life-time of 3 years, 24/7 on, an average of 2 hours of load (for those warez kiddies )

              Calculating with a price of 0.20? for 1kW/h (I pay slightly more).

              [b]Costs for Power for different cards[/b]
                                    Scenario #1    Scenario #2
                card   idle  load    kWh  price     kWh  price
              HD 5770  17W   108W    330    66?     646   129?
              HD 4870  55W   160W    652   130?    1675   335?
              GTX 260  38W   182W    607   121?    1314   263?
              So if you plan to actually use the card, the retail price is often secondary. And you'll quickly see that the 5770 will turn out to be the cheapest one - unless your power is paid by mom
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                Finally. ATI is back on track with a solid card. This won't be nessecairilly be a killer in Linux, but I'm glad that ATI spends it's time making better products than that nVidia trash nowadays.

                May ATI take the lead again. I don't really care that much that my ATI card doesn't work that well on Linux, but at least they put developpers on FLOSS drivers and release spec. AMD is a good company. They try to earn money buy making a better product.


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                  2D XRender performance worse than HD4670

                  How much better is the HD 4670's 2D performance compared with the HD 4650's? Because I've got a 4650, and its current 2D performance is bad. So if these 5750/5770 cards are even worse, then they aren't going to be much use on the desktop.

                  XAA acceleration only, still?


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                    heh, just in time for L33F3R to buy a new card.


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                      So it's public now: XvBA is coming soon