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Intel Clarifies HECI Usage For Arc Graphics' GSC

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    Extremely shortsighted product design & development at work here.

    Or a very bad case of tying one's shoelaces together while trying to run the product out the door at the same time.

    Only time will tell which situation is true....and another gentle reminder to always avoid "Revision 0" of anything.


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      One upside of this is it has strongly renewed my awareness of Intel ME, AMD PSP, ARM TrustZone and why I have no reason to want* a CPU with any such system integrated.

      *Doesn't mean I don't get stuck with one or more of them anyway, but I can still strongly resent the fact!

      ...If only there was such thing as a mini-ITX-like Power9 board, or a RISC-V system that was more than a dev-platform (I wouldn't even grumble at paying 4x over the price of an X86 equivalent for such!).


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        This sucks!!!! I was going to get an ARC gpu for my system, but not now. Kind of sad. The encode/decode abilities and the fact that it is an open-source driver stack would have been nice.


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          Originally posted by Espionage724

          Lmao, people are so visibly upset.

          I guarantee everyone in this thread upset at this would never be affected by this particular situation to begin with. And worst-case, it's not like Intel ME hardware is hard to come by for a temporary drop-in for firmware update; I have an old C2D Macbook with HECI and a TB2 dock if I really needed to do that

          This is the Linux community nowadays? Can ya'll not be angry at something for once? Go take a hint from Linus.
          A hint from Linus? Like his hint for Nvidia?
          In a talk held at Aalto University in Helsinki Finland, Linus Torvalds addressed a question from one of the audience members regarding issues they had with a...


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            Intel says it's not needed: see the update here


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                Is every post in this thread blank for everyone, or is it just me?


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                  Originally posted by yump View Post
                  Is every post in this thread blank for everyone, or is it just me?
                  Not just you, also the Intel MIC Offloading for Xeon Phi with GCC 13 thread is like this.

                  phoronix, there would seem to be a bug or oversight at play here? Since I was able to read the comments in this thread back when there was only one page.


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                    yes, some comments shouldn't be seen and are still blocked atm ;-)
                    btw. my ASRock ARC380 got its 1st BIOS Upgrade while running in my Win10 dual boot instance... going from 20.0.1049 to 20.0.1053 -it didn't ask, ARC software just did it when nobody was watching

                    still using my AMD 5700G platform...sooo

                    btw. I would love to see Intel finish their software deployments... there are more serious things missing atm!
                    6.0 and 6.1 kernel are nice for basic desktop and some gaming... but media-driver and computing are only working within Windows or some people say it works with the backport-i915 ubu-oem.5.17-kernel - I cannot confirm yet, even after clean install - we're still waiting for upstream....


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                      I'm glad Intel clarified that. I really want to get one of the ARC gpu's. With Nvidia becoming more and more morally bankrupt and AMD's driver setup being a mess when it comes to content creation abilities on Linux. Its time to see what the new kid on the block as to offer.