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AMD Announces Radeon Pro W5700 RDNA Workstation Graphics Card

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    Originally posted by cb88 View Post
    some "workstation ish" cards like the Titan cards usually lack ECC, which bit a bunch of HPC clusters that bought them as they couldn't even complete any work without errors...
    Wait, what's the frequency of a bit error on a non-ECC graphics card?
    To be honest I didn't think it was that frequent...


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      Something like a couple a day, but when you are doing scientific compute work and the error is cumulative on your multi day job...well you get the idea. It was a huge deal and even made the news awhile back or at least EE and tech news.


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        The memory errors issue is only exacerbated as the process of chip manufacturing shrinks down.

        The numbers that circulate around date back to a time when process was much less susceptible to random bit flips.

        Smaller cells and higher cell density will in all likelihood make things worse, not only in the frequency but also the severity of memory errors.


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          I really wish AMD would roll out a low power GPU for workstation use or put graphics on their high end desktop CPUs. I'd like lots of cores for dev work but I don't want a card that is expensive, beefy, old, or doesn't have solid free drivers.


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            If wishes were horses, beggars would ride