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AMD Licensing RDNA Graphics IP To Samsung For Smartphones & More

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    Originally posted by WolfpackN64 View Post
    Of course they'll use the same AMD Drivers. No-one is going to do double work.
    Err, yeah, that's exactly how all driver things related to AMD have always worked in the past!

    ... oh wait.


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      Intel and Nvidia don't license out their IP. Especially Nvidia, they haven't licensed their Graohics IP ever to my knowledge, this why AMD got the console deals. AMD is the only com po any kedt that has anything to license out. The other players on the space just don't participate.


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        Let Gary explain: Samsung had a "multi year" deal with ARM, and on the day 4 years later, they went to AMD.


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          Can we please have: AMD Licensing RDNA Graphics IP To IBM for Open-Source (open-source Firmware) ?

          AMD maybe thinks this compete with there existing hardware but in fact this is not the case a person who buys a POWER9 IBM workstation is in fact not a "Closed-Source Microcode-CPU and Closed-Source-Firmware-GPU" customer at all.
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            Radeon Pro Vega II und Radeon Pro Vega II Duo release

            Radeon Pro Vega II as 4096 shader cores and 32gb HBM2

            and the "DUO" has

            • 128 Compute Units
            • 8192 Stream-shader cores
            • 1,7 GHz
            • up to 28,3 FP32 TFLOPS
            • up to 64 GByte HBM2
            • 1 TB/s
            • 4096-bit ram Interface
            • Thunderbolt 3 (up to 40Gb/s)
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