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AMD laptops without a "Platform Security Processor"

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  • AMD laptops without a "Platform Security Processor"

    Hi, everyone.

    For security reasons, I'm looking for a laptop without the new "UEFI" type of BIOS. (That is, laptops that have neither Intel's "Management Engine (ME)" or AMD's "Platform Security Processor (PSP)" embedded in their motherboards:

    And, when it comes to laptops with Intel CPUs, I was able to figure out that the latest ones to have been released with an old type of BIOS are the ones that come with "Core 2 Duo" CPUs.

    But, when it comes to laptops with AMD CPUs, because I'm not familiar with this brand, I'm having a hard time figuring out what to look for...

    So, can anyone here (who knows about this subject) tell me which kind of AMD laptops should I look for?

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    (The long time in the new approval(?) process made me think that there had been an error with my posting, and so I decided to try again in another forum - resulting in two threads with the same subject... I'm sorry about this.) :\

    Moderators, if you can please delete this duplicate post/thread, I think it would be better for everyone...