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Roccat Open-Source Project To End New Linux Device Support

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    I'm just trying the LEADR now (basically a wireless TYON with an optical [better] sensor rather than laser sensor).. so far I've found the macros don't work, but other button assignments do, and all of the buttons do seem to work (Ubuntu 16.10, Linux kernel 4.11.3). I programmed the mouse in Windows.

    One would think supporting the LEADR wouldn't be much more work than the TYON, as they look basically identical. I wonder if Stefan or someone else would accept a "bug bounty" or other such funding to add the LEADR to the Linux Roccat Tools?

    edit: using xev from a terminal, I noticed that all of the buttons (including X-Celerator and fin) generate events, but not the extra front buttons when EasyShift is enabled.
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