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ST75ZF Does 950W

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  • ST75ZF Does 950W

    After our SilverStone Zeus ST75ZF review (, SilverStone this morning has just wrapped up testing on their internal PSU tests. Using the less conservative numbers, the ST75ZF is really capable of providing up to 950W continuously at 25C and 90V AC. This 950W amount should be able to be achieved quite easily. Below is SilverStone's explanation.

    To help educate
    our potential customers, we are now making it very clear in our
    specification table of what wattage can be achieved at two different
    conditions so here is the explanation:

    750W at 50?C & 90V AC Input – This is the industrial standard in which the
    operating temperatures are expected to be in the high 40?C and up to 50?C.
    In addition to temperature, power supplies becomes more efficient as the AC
    input voltage increase, as a reference, the power outlet in USA is usually
    120V while in Europe they are normally up to 220V ~ 230V. The country with
    the lowest voltage is Japan at 100V. So a power supply that can achieve
    500W in Europe may not be able to output at the same wattage in other
    countries (our fanless ST30NF is one example, it is rated to 300W @ 220V and
    250W @90V). Here is a link to power around the world:

    When the condition is changed to 25?C @ 90V AC input, the ST75ZF can output
    up to 950W continuously (not just peaking for a few minutes). We think this
    will give power users a good idea of what they can expect if the ST75ZF is
    used in a well ventilated enclosure where power supply intake temperature is
    similar to room temperature. Since most users will also be using the ST75ZF
    with AC input at more than 90V, they can expect to achieve 950W fairly
    easily. We now have updated our specification table as seen in our ST75ZF
    product page:
    Michael Larabel

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    Another update from SilverStone... The ST75ZF should be able to safely max between 815W and 880W, depending upon the rails used. The Zeus ST75ZF products used by the SilverStone engineers had the OCPs removed, to allow it to run up to 950W. All retail units have an OCP setting to limit the power output.
    Michael Larabel


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      That is a good thing to know.

      We are looking for a lower cost alternative to our current use of PCP&C PSUs (plus the fact that they don't fit on LianLi cases). We are trying to decide between the Zeus 750 or the Tagan Turbojet 900 W. Any planned reviews on the Tagan?


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        No planned review for the Tagan at this time, I'll see about it though.
        Michael Larabel


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          Thanks. After reading the review here, the Zeus seems like a good alternative. What I like about the Tagan is the 4 PCI-E power connectors, plus the larger number of SATA power connectors. I dont like it's been $100 more expensive, though.